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Account Closing Fee (Within 90 days of opening) $15.00
Account History Mini Statement (Up to 45 days; Excludes members 50 & older) $2.00
Account Research $15.00 per hour
CARFAX $15.00
Cashier’s Checks (Excludes members age 50 & older) $3.00
Checking Accounts  
Checking No Charge
Give Me A Break $10.00 per month
Non-Profit No Charge
Business Checking Account $10.00 per month
Check Cashing Fee (Without compensating balance) 1% of check amount
Check Copies thru myfscu.com No Charge
Check Copies thru FSCU employee $3.00 each
Collection Items (Replacing NSF Checks) $5.00
Dormant Account Fee  (Mail undeliverable & 1 year without financial activity) $10.00 per month
Express Mail Delivery Fee $25.00
Inactive Member (after 1 year without financial activity & less than $100 on deposit & no other active services (excludes members younger than age 19.) $10.00 per month
Late Fee on Delinquent Loans Greater of $10.00 or 5% of the amount of  the scheduled payment up to $100.00
Late Fee on VISA Credit Card Accounts $25.00
Levy Fee (Court, Garnishment, IRS, Government or Tax) $25.00
Loan Application Fee (Excludes fully share secured loans, Indirect Loans, Online Internet Loan Applications, and VISA applications.  Application fee’s for Real Estate loans are subject to Real Estate Department Guidelines) $10.00
Money Orders $2.00 each
Money Servicing Business Accounts $90.00 per month
Negative Balance Collection Fee $15.00
NSF/Overdraft (ACH, Checks, Deposited Returned Item, etc.) $27.00 per item*
Overdraft Advantage Transfer Fee $2.00 per transfer
Overdraft Standard/Extended Privilege Fee $27.00 per item**
Overdraft Transfer Fee $5.00
Return Statement Fee $5.00
Safe Deposit Boxes (Annual Rental)
3 x 5 $15.00
3 x 10 $30.00
5 x 10 $45.00
10 x 10 $95.00
Safe Deposit Box Late Fee $5.00 per month
Safe Deposit Box Drill Fee (All Keys Lost) $150.00
Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement (Single Key Lost) $25.00
Statement Copies $4.00 per statement
Stop Payments $27.00 per item
Telephone Transfers (Excludes members age 50 & older) $1.00
Transfer Fee $5.00
VISA Foreign Transaction Fee Transactions processed in foreign countries or foreign currencies, including internet transactions made in the U.S. but with a merchant who processes the transaction in a foreign country, will be charged a 1% foreign transaction fee. See the applicable debit or credit card agreement for more information.
Wire Transfer Fee - Domestic (Outgoing) $15.00
Wire Transfer Fee - International (Outgoing) $35.00


 *NSF/Overdraft (ACH, Checks, Bill Pay, etc.) Fee: A fee will be assessed on the initial presentment and any subsequent representment of a transaction.

** Overdraft Standard/Extended Privilege Fee created by checks, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, Debit Card (recurring debit card payments and everyday debit card purchases), online Bill Pay transactions, ACH (auto debits), and Internet/Telephone/Mobile banking transactions. A fee will be assessed on the initial presentment and any subsequent representment of a transaction. See Overdraft Coverage Disclosure for differences between Standard and Extended Coverage.

Please review our Truth in Savings Disclosure for more information.