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Early Direct Deposits!

Beginning August 8, 2022, you may be eligible to receive funds from ACH deposit transactions before their actual payment dates!*

*At our discretion, we may make the funds for certain ACH credit transactions, including most payroll deposits, available to you before the ACH deposit’s scheduled payment date. The funds, if deposited early, will be provisional until the final settlement on the scheduled payment date. The date that funds are made available to you will be reflected in your applicable account’s transaction history. Whether or not the funds are made available early and exactly when the funds are made available depend on when we receive the payment instructions from the ACH payer and are subject to fraud prevention measures and other applicable restrictions. We do not guarantee that funds will be made available early or that funds will be made available by any specific time of day. Any funds that we don’t make available early will be made available according to our Master Account Agreement.