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We can help update your saved payment information

Saving your card number with billers and merchants makes paying quicker and easier. But when your card number or other payment info changes and your
card is re-issued, it can be a hassle to update it.

Family Security can help make updating your payment info a whole lot simpler with secure, automatic updates.

We make it easier to update your payment info

Family Security works with Visa to provide secure, automatic updates to many merchants and billers when your Family Security Visa Credit or Debit Card number or expiration date changes. So in many cases, you won’t have to update your payment info.*

That means you can often:

  • Skip the hassles of updating your payment info
  • Avoid declined payments and service interruptions

There is no action to take.  Your card is automatically enrolled in this service. 

*Not all merchants participate in automatic updates. Updates are not guaranteed before the next billing cycle.  You must contact the merchant, wallet provider, or other third-party directly or remove your credit card information from the merchant site, wallet provider, or third-party if you wish to stop automatic billing or account updates.